SCI is a distributor of regulation products such as Belimo, Honeywell, Invensys, Johnson-Controls, Siemens, Viconics, Z-air and many more. We have a wide choice of inventory so that we can assure a delivery on the next working day.


Technical support:

Our trained and personnel expertise, that cumulate years and years of experience, offers you different kinds of technical support.

Telephone: Our qualified and experience team is ready to answer all of your technical questions.

Jobsite: Our specialists expertise will assist you on your projects “start-ups.

Remote: Either by internet or modem, we can directly intervene to the installed building management systems in order to avoid traveling and labour costs to the site.


SCI offers the possibility, with our specialized personnel, to build your control panels as per CSA standards, including an official CSA approval. All of our controls panels are verified and tested before expedition to assure a problem-free installation and operation.


SCI offers training sessions for technicians and installation engineers, troubleshooting on electric, electronic, pneumatic and digital systems, or new product presentation.

Contact our personnel for more information.